Start fresh or?

I've decided after thinking it over I'd like to give Maple Story another try, especially after my last thread. So should I go back to Scania or Reboot? In Scania I have lots of items and characters and in reboot I'd have to start fresh.

Also be it scania or reboot are there any active guilds recruiting currently?

I know the general pros and cons of reboot and the normal servers but in your personal experience what would you do?

July 6, 2018

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Just wait on the Dragon Gem Remake. Maplestory and Maplestory 2 is really not worth the time and money. I even prefer La Tale over Maple

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Tbh it's more of a house or home situation. I moved to reboot so fast when it came out, but after playing on it for like a year, I started to miss Windia a lot more. Even tho home worlds are "pay to win", it still has that feeling of nostalgia that reboot won't ever provide. Keep looking in Scania, you're bound to find a guild or that one group of people to play with. After all, that's what happened when you first joined Scania

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Tiger played there
Suuushi played there
First/original server
Has a 15 year history
Existed before the 2012 patch


Cannot trade, so you cant show off
No legends play here
Came out when the game died already

But playing either now is lol

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what job are you thinking of making?

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I would stay in Scania. Too many stubborn donkeys trying to steal maps in Reboot, unless you strong enough to destroy the whole map with one skill cast. Reboot is easier mode, but it takes time, it something I don't have any more of to give to fat smelly old nexon (see dead Hayato).
I didn't like farming for equips for all 40 something characters in reboot. In Scania, I made 6 sets of equips that are tradable and can be used across all my characters, was prepared for Ark years ago. I am lazy.
Like rebot and Bera, Scania also has bot problems, ever damn server does because nexon is so fat and lazy. It took forever to get Krexel Pauldron thing for Ark because ALL the channels had botters in Ulu City. Hell, you could find 3 different elite bosses on the Singapore world map on one channel. nexon just doesn't care, so it's something you have to deal with as if it were a normal thing in the game.

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IMO I like non-reboot because I don't have to RNG for any pet/clothing/chair too much since I can just buy what I want from other players or sell what I don't want.

Also when people recommended to try a DA first for easy power and link skill then to make a Kanna to farm for mesos they weren't kidding. The Kanna part is what keeps me away from Reboot.

Just stay away from Bera it's way too laggy due to botters, I think it's even worse than Reboot now.

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