Mech 5th job skill might be OP?

So if (and that's a really big IF) the 5th job mech skill is affected by Robotic's Mastery as well as + summon duration, then with some lazy ass math it becomes a 6443% dps "buff" for 5 min, with a 7.5min cd after casting (so it's only unusable for 2.5min). also it would add another 7% final dmg buff since it's a robot summon

idk exactly how dps charts work but I think this is pretty good for a 5th job skill (if that big IF turns out true)

October 5, 2016

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It is not affected by or affects Robot Mastery. Neither damage nor summon duration is increased.

Thus, it is only usable for its period of time, from which its long cooldown will begin.

When used during training dummy testing, it overall contributes 20% of total DPS when allowed to run and attack during its full duration.

Of 5th job skills, it is mediocre. It is not very strong and weaker if consumed by a 90% or more damage hit. It is a really un-interactive skill, but with that the good news is that it requires very little effort on the part of the player beyond pressing the skill key once. So it won't interfere with the already clunky attack pattern Mech has.

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I'm hip, I'm curious too because the cooldown is ridiculously long considering it acts as a door. With bosses like hmag it will be destroyed the moment u get hit by a stray blue rock which could be right away. I think it would only be fair if robot mastery completely applied to it. If it does I think it will be pretty good =o if not sad life.

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Bump~ cuz I'm really curious if someone can confirm if robot mastery works with it. I remember someone saying it "half" worked, and have "broken", so I'm completely clueless as to how it works

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