coming back after a while

hello basilmarket. im coming back after a few months of quitting (shame on me for coming back) but the new hero (explorers) look awesome. so i decided to quit my shad and trade her %luk for %str
[url=]heres her items im trading.[/url] i will Scissor everything when i get back from work today.

also sorry if this is against the rules. i also left basil for quite some time.

December 13, 2013

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[quote=Koncept]@gomlyolobro: I'm not trying to sell. I'm looking for a trade[/quote]

I'd try [url=]Reddit[/url]

Or [url=]Maplemarket reddit[/url]

Reply December 13, 2013

@gomlyolobro: I'm not trying to sell. I'm looking for a trade

Reply December 13, 2013

Around 2b for the specs here in khaini

Reply December 13, 2013

you should innocence that cape, it would increase the value

Reply December 13, 2013