is my Eqps decent?


Currently at lvl 146 i was wondering if my range is good being unfunded
everything is Legit (idk about Empress because they have been duped)

July 31, 2012

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That shield is pretty good, but I'd say you're around average right now wth everything else.

Reply August 1, 2012

Ur doing good for being unfunded.

Reply August 1, 2012

[quote=samueld9810]you call that unfunded? 0.0[/quote]

well yea because i Rarly Buy any eqps most are clean and im always Poor. im supised i got this many empress items

@Sungoon: its the second picture

@RisingRain: i got lucky with that. remember when the super cubes were 800NX and the big wig event happen. yea took about 10 cubes

Reply July 31, 2012

you call that unfunded? 0.0

Reply July 31, 2012

nice shield and earrings.... what's your range?

Reply July 31, 2012

That shield is pretty darn good. Didn't get one that good until I was in my 160's.
Everything else is pretty good, for lower-funded people. If you split up the funds you spent on the shield elsewhere, you would have gotten more %INT out of it.

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