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Funding a Zero Recently made a Zero and I think ill finally get it to 180 and hopefully 200 this weekend. I find I'm enjoying it and might semi fund it with like 5~10b, nothing drastic. How easy are they to put range on? What can i expect with like 3~6% STR on everything? Right now ive got like basic RA gear, no gollux, tyrants, SW, emblem (is there one for zero specifically or is it boss arena?), badge or android. Im at around 59k range on Alpha and 75k range on beta. (posted this in the zero forum but no one seems to peruse there)

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Recommend me a Tv show Wondering if anyone can recommend me a TV show, preferably on netflix but not necessary. I enjoy sit com type shows, sort of slice of life things, crime/medical/lawyer dramas, Im not too much into fantasy / scifi but ill make exceptions if the show is good and isnt too heavy into it, ie orphan black / The 100. I am not a big fan of Game of Thrones / the walking dead / Hannibal. I enjoyed breaking bad uptil it got too ridiculous, and dexter up until the lastish season. I hate sherlock with a passion.

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