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Do you read tablature or notes?

If you are a guitar you read both or just one of the listings...
Personally I can only do Tab..

0 July 1, 2012

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I played viola for 11 years, so I read notes o.o

Reply July 1, 2012

I started with tab, but have been doing notes for about 4 years. I'm still just okay at sight reading, though, since I'm primarily an ear player; however, I can still write charts and analyze classical music fairly quickly. I would definitely recommend learning notation if you're going to get serious about any instrument.

Tabs can still be good for learning a complicated solo, or something, since there are often ridiculous amounts of notes.

Reply July 1, 2012

When I started out I did a little bit of tabs but after that I tried to get into notes. I played for like 5 years but I quit lol.

I suggest you get off the tabs..

Reply July 1, 2012