Do all DoTs stack?

So I just hit 4th job and wow, there are a lot of new skills each with their own DoTs. I was wondering if they all stack with my previous skills (brace, mist, fire demon), and if they do, how do you guys arrange your keyboard? There are so many skills to keep track of it's almost overwhelming. o.o

February 10, 2012

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[quote=nightjar3289]I'm new to the f/p scene so I'm not sure how it entirely works but, I've noticed my poison mist takes quite a while to affect the mobs. Is this normal? In some of the videos I watched, it seemed like it didn't take as long for the poison to start damaging.[/quote]

According to when i was last paying attention to stuff like this, mist automatically poisons the monster it hits. As for the mist cloud it creates, there's a very high chance of it poisoning anything that's inside of it; a very high chance (and continuous) but I can't tell you what that chance is exactly.

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[quote=currified]@Kuraitou: Lol, I said I changed my buffs ._.[/quote]
Whoops, my bad. I didn't read the whole post.

Anyways I found out a keyboard layout that will work for now. I might have to rearrange it some more when I add Infinity/Meteor Shower. Thanks guys.

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I should add that this layout does have ghosting problems with most generic keyboards.

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Idk how to upload a screenshot so ill just tell you,

Shift: paralyze
Control:Big bang
Page up: teleport
page down: MW+Def buff
End: Mp pot
Insert:HP pot
Home: Toggle buffs
Delete: MG+Medi+booster
9: Poison brace+ FD (Much easier in a macro since i only use them to build up DoT)
0:Elemental reset
Mist Eruption: D
Ifrit: Thing under backspace

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Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunately I've always played MS by placing my skill hotkeys around the standard keyboard layout, so these are kind of foreign for me... Guess it's time to try breaking that tradition.

@currified: Is there a reason why Elemental Reset is in the same macro as Maple Warrior? Is that a buff I should have on constantly? I thought that it not only increased damage vs resistant monsters, but decreased damage vs elementally weak monsters.

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[quote=nightjar3289]So they all stack but it only shows 1 of them damaging? Is that correct?[/quote]

If, for instance, mist does 100k Dot, and para does 50k Dot, the combined Dot won't show as 100k then 50k, it'll show as 150k. So yeah, all of it is combined into one hit.

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