Required range to solo cvellum in 4 minutes or less

Hi, I'm currently playing a marksman and I would like to know what range I need to beat c vellum in 4 minutes or less. I have 5.8m buffed / 21k dex and I take aroud 9 minutes to kill it. Can someone please tell me the range?

March 22, 2017

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I'm deleting my bow master. Screw you guys T-T

Reply April 7, 2017

I have ~600k range and 170% boss I can't solo Cvellum

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I'm 4.3 buffed, 23k dex, 370% boss, 90% pdr, maxed snipe node and I take down cvel in about 4 minutes or so. Guided Arrow's damage is garbage for the most part, you can ignore it.

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my stats:
294% boss
91% pdr
130% atk
30k dex
10-11m range
all skills lvl 40s
lvl 5 arrow rain

I can comfortably kill cvel in exactly 2 mins with a bind from 5th job.
edit: oops this is for marksmen rip

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@masinko: Yes. I was able to hit vellum from the further point of the map. I have like 245% boss, I need to recube and level up my 5th job skills since I don't even have Guided Arrow. Btw, I was able to kill hard magnus in 5 minutes 30 seconds with 6.3m range, though it was too difficult

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When I played marksman, with a 1.6m range and I think level 12 snipe boost, the fastest I was able to kill vellum was around 16 minutes (I had around 243% boss, and my control was alright). It seems like you already have the range to kill it that fast (unless you're severely lacking on boss damage), now you have to work on control or nodes to boost snipe.

Do you try spacing yourself from vellum to try getting the rangefinder and vital hunter bonus?

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