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Easy ways to get Red coins in future

I just used up all my RED tickets, but I still have some equips I need to scroll. As of right now there aren't many good events to get RED coins with. Will there be any new events coming in the near-future patches that will make it easier to get RED Coins?

0 December 6, 2013

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[quote=ylwnoob]Is there a limit to the amount of RED coins you can get per day though?

The first 100 or so boxes I opened I got like 20 coins, but for the next 500~600 boxes I didn't see a SINGLE coin.[/quote]

Not sure on this.

Reply December 6, 2013

[quote=HelloThar]In KMS, there is a limit of 20 coins per day for the boxes. Not sure about GMS though[/quote]

stupid question but is the limit per character or account?

Reply December 6, 2013

On orangemushroom's blog, max said that there was a max of 20 red coins per day from those boxes. However I didn't see this limit in the update notes.

Reply December 6, 2013

In KMS, there is a limit of 20 coins per day for the boxes. Not sure about GMS though

Reply December 6, 2013

there is a cap in how many coins you get hmmm, interesting...

Reply December 6, 2013

The boxes make this sorta thing easy this time around since they don't have a daily open limit.

Reply December 6, 2013