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Farming Frozen R Boxes

Anybody know of a good place to farm Frozen R Boxes at level 30?

0 December 13, 2013

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i hate opening those...really wish i can hot key it </3

Reply December 13, 2013

best place is dimesonal invasion. hands down. 60-70 boxes per run (not even on 2x) out of those boxes i atleast get 5-7 red coins...

Reply December 13, 2013

They drop from all monsters at the same rate I think. So any good training spot would be fine.

Reply December 13, 2013

CD's, but try to go to level 100 for Evolution System

Reply December 13, 2013

i go inside the evolution thingy

Reply December 13, 2013

I think most mobs drop them, at level 30 just train at kerning square they'll drop them as you level.

Reply December 13, 2013