Tradable end game items? (Currently playing for a week after a 4 years break so I'm a high level noob) Are there any tradable end game items worth building? (Or close to end game at least) So I can give it to other chars when I get tired of playing with my main. I'm asking this because all the new high level items seem to be untradeable either after equipping or after picking it up. Also a noob question please don't hate. Are the "cra" items the cracked gollux ones? I've been reading what stuff to buy and all I see is "cra set". :3

General Gms

Does Maple have less active players now? Just started playing again after 4 years and I noticed the amount of players have lowered. I play in Windia by the way. Maybe I'm wrong but this was more noticeable in the FM entrance. Now in channel 1 there's as much people spamming as there was in channel 2 or channel 3 back then. The rooms in channel 1 aren't full. Even the lower rooms have plenty of space. I remember having a bad time trying to find a spot in the upper level rooms. The bottom rooms in channel 2 used to be full as well. Now they have like 1 or 2 shops. Even Henehoes seems to have lowered. Where's all the people? Is there something I'm missing or just the amount of players has decreased in the past years?


Coming back after 4 years I'm currently downloading the client. Dam... 7GB I remember playing this game when it was 700mb back in 2006. I played it for about 5 years before I quit now I'm returning because of nostalgia. So can you guys catch me up a little? I know there are probably lots of new content and stuff, but what major changes have been since then? The last things I can remember that were implemented were the arena (pvp wasn't good back then) and vocations for crafting your own armor or jewelry. Also my 2 main characters were a dexless Night Lord (130) and Mercedes (160). Anything I should know about them now? Thanks and sorry for bad english.