How to stop being nervous

Basically every time I do a in front of the class speech, I get really nervous and my heart starts to beat really fast.

I always prepared myself and be ready to go but the same thing happens.. my heart starts to beat fast and I lose all my confidence

How do I stop this

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September 12, 2013

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There's isn't very much, valid tips I could give as this problem can be approached from different angles by different people. Personally though, I prepare a ton. So much so that I've memorized it. Most of the time now I try to actually enjoy giving the speech and give some real 'feeling/passion' into it, in order to get myself into it, and more importantly get my message across to the crowd. Like others before me have said; taking deep breathes helps, try not to imagine thing too out side of the box during your speech so you can stay on the topic and not stubble around your words. In most cases that I see for people who get nervous like me and speeches, the moment we screw up, we try to do something outside of the speech to pick your self up again and that results in losing your momentum.
In short; prepare, breathe as you do normally, and you don't even really need to have eye contact, just gaze around the masses a little bit; not one person, and just be you up there. Treat it as though you having a conversation with a friend, or telling a story to a child.

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A good movie to watch that relates to this is "The King's Speech." It actually gives some nice tips haha.

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Just pretend that you are saying your speech in front of billions of people from all around the world... Hope this helps

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Not everyone cares enough to be judging every phrase you speak. Most of them are just worrying about their turn.

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Just imagine that you are just speaking to one person. Once you can see a familiar face when you are doing your presentation focus mostly on them but shift views across the room so people know that you are giving them attention. Best of luck.

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i just do what i gotta do
although my heart doesn't beat fast

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I know this isn't what you wanna hear, but in all truthfulness there's no "tips or tricks" to public speaking. The thing you should realize is that very few people are actually comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd, and it only comes with experience. The more speeches/presentations that you have to do, the more comfortable you will become with it over time.

Don't be afraid to let people know you're nervous; contrary to popular belief, they aren't sitting in the crowd with the sole intent of judging you harshly. I assume you are speaking in front of peers, I can guarantee the majority of your class is just as nervous as you are. As you get older and get more experience you realize it's not some huge conspiracy witch hunt and you may even find that most audiences are quite accommodating.

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i have the same problem and all these suggested solutions don't work for me.

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imagine you're the master race and they're all your peasants
that they should fear you
that you will become rich and successful and they wont


realize that they care about your presentation as much as you care about theirs (in my classes usually its just the teacher and 3 students paying attention)

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same thing happen to me but now im perfectly fine because i got use to the mind set that i am the one teaching them therefore i am in charge. just picture yourself as superman or something.

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Try walking around a little.You can also do like a rehearsal on your phone beforehand lol.

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Thanks for the suggestion , hopefully it'll work

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[quote=gerafang]take deep breaths.

calm down.

imagine everyone naked.

talk like they're your friends.[/quote]

ss or bs

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Once you actually get up in front of the class and start talking, it just goes through for me lol

Except that my ears always feel hot whenever I talk in front of others I guess I'm a little embarrassed lol

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Don't look them straight in the eyes, look a bit above and practice a lot!

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Breathe in, put your game face on, and think about something fun you'll do after school
It's more mental than physical

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if you hear a song just start dancing in the middle of class that'll make ur shyness go away

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tell everyone in your class to cc plz

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Wrong section. But just pretend that they are not there. I got 400 people in my class that i have to give a speech in front of. I just pretend that i dont hear them i dont see them.

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[quote=MrYellowElmo]wrong section[/quote]

yeah sorry

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deep breath, pretend like you're not going next even if you are.

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