Should I do this

Put basil plants and mint leaves around my house to repel the flies
Have anyone tried this before?

May 16, 2014

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Guys I think he's a plant. YOU WEARING A WIRE?

Actually, just fill a bag with water and hang it near a light source. It dazzles insects and frightens their many eye segments.

Reply May 16, 2014

just play ke$ha songs
flies hate ke$ha

Reply May 16, 2014

[quote=TrueAtheist]No I'm not a witch.[/quote]

yeah cuz you're a wizard

Reply May 16, 2014

[quote=TheAxelFenrir]why basil plants... r u in a basil cult or sumthing[/quote]

Well he got lots of basil plants from basilmarket

OT: never tried it. Try it and let us know. Alternatively look online

Reply May 16, 2014