Need help with speech

So I have a speech coming up on Wednesday and it's about how America is environmentally irresponsible
So I need help coming with an opening statement and an ending statement

May 20, 2014

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Think about...

What (if anything) compels you to write about this topic? Why does it matter to you? Why should it matter to us?
There are many ways to go about it, but here's one.

Give an anecdote about a time you witnessed a person being environmentally irresponsible >> Make something up if you have to <<. Begin by telling a very brief story, and then from there, bring it to the next level and tie the anecdote into your own topic. By starting small and then relating it to the bigger picture, you can show the impact of a single person's actions, and how we, as a nation, have become responsible for the crumbling ecosystem around us.

Especially given that you're writing for a speech presentation, you should strive to end with a more positive note here. Provide yet another anecdote, this time one where YOU, as an individual, have done something to better the environment. Next, reword and restate your thesis statement and supporting details. Finally, give the audience some tips on what they can do to take action. Cite volunteer organizations, environmental groups, "Going Green" tips and options, and etc. etc.

Good luck with your speech!

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im not sure what to say, but maybe these can inspire you

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[quote=LeadIn]Thanks flexy and no we are not environmentally responsible[/quote]
Look at a place like France, then look back here, we're responsible... but if you want to cherry pick your sources, [url=]here[/url]. There's a lot more, and quite a few videos I have tucked away, I'll find 'em tomorrow for you if you please. Quite tired...

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Thanks flexy and no we are not environmentally responsible

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But we're so environmentally responsible.

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Opening statement: America sucks

Conclusion: In conclusion, America sucks.

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