If you can have any superpower

What would it be?

Really bored so here's a boring topic for the day

March 22, 2015

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I'd probably have the power of mind manipulation or the power of all knowledge.

Reply March 22, 2015

6 to the power of 5

Reply March 22, 2015

[quote=iPodFTW]Probability Manipulation for sure [/quote]

haha was waiting for someone to say this

Reply March 22, 2015

Probability Manipulation for sure

Reply March 22, 2015

Immortality <3

Reply March 22, 2015

I would have the gift of healing

Reply March 22, 2015

Nihilistic power, cause screw everyone else.

Reply March 22, 2015

[quote=MegaZord]the power to have ALL powers.[/quote]

You beat me to it

Reply March 22, 2015

the power to have ALL powers.

Reply March 22, 2015

To read and change people's minds

Reply March 22, 2015

I'd want time manipulation that doesn't affect myself.

Reply March 22, 2015

To create anything with my mind.

Create myself some obedient, loyal, hot boyfriends. </3

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destroy people without being held accountable

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Telekinesis... and a rather high level of it as well.

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Complete time manipulation would be my pick. Being able to freeze, slow, reverse, or accelerate time at will, without limits. Either for just myself, an area around me, or everything. Restart my day if I feel like it, slow down something dangerous coming towards me (bullet, fist, speeding car) to avoid it.

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so many super powers to choose, but ill try telekinesis

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Ability to make clones in the format of Naruto so i gain the knowledge and experience of my clones when i undo em. I am so lazy i would have 3 clones. One would always study, other would lift, run (exercise) and the other would sleep. I would just do things that I wanna do, eat, game etc. At the end of the day, I would undo em and gain all the knowledge the clone studied, the experience the one that exercised did and i wouldn't be tired at all because my 3rd one would've been sleeping.

Im lazy.

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Time manipulation.

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Distortion of space, I could literally control anything and everything in my domain <3

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I would say invisibility but I am already invisible to my peers in class. (We have to do a group project but no one has interest in adding me to their group)

Manipulate Time? I got a bed for that (Only works forward)

Teleportation? I got a car and two feet. (But instant transmission would be very nice)

I would go with quick reaction time (Turning off the toaster before it shoots the bread, closing "unwanted" tabs in Chrome, grabbing my laptop that got knocked down, etc)

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the power of perfect grammer

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Reality manipulation

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Time control has always been my pick

also because faceless void in dota wtfsidfhglsjdkfgls chronosphere time walk op fgfsdfgh

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Teleportation. The power of laziness

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