Yay basil let me back on

soon, I will be giving away the new shiny Jirachi event hopefully it basil won't fail on me
sorry about the other Diancie giveaway, Basil was not loading up for me so it was a bit frustrating :T

July 31, 2014

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If you're still doing the Diancie trade, can I have one?

Reply August 4, 2014

Best of luck to you finding one!
Trying to find a timid one myself, only one i got atm is a relaxed natured one

Reply August 2, 2014

I kind of want a Diancie, but is there anything you'd like in return? I mean, it's kind of a big trade.

Reply August 1, 2014

Can I have a diancie please?

IGN is Calem and FC: 4081-6414-7845

Reply August 1, 2014

<3 can i please have a diancie? <3
my ign is Riza and friend code is 3883-7044-3338

Reply August 1, 2014

[quote=TheAxelFenrir]i need a diancie and meloetta [/quote]

I think I still have you added, just need IGN and if I see you on.
I'll trade you

Reply August 1, 2014

[quote=Sanic]<3 I want <3 <3[/quote]

still trying to find one or someone that will be giving to me for free

Reply July 31, 2014

<3 I want <3 <3

Reply July 31, 2014