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I currently have a 320k clean range and trying to upgrade my gear. I know that I need to upgrade some of my rings and my boots. Currently I use 6%luk lvl 80 boots, 12%luk reinforced gollux ring, pivotal adventurer ring (15% crit rate and 5%min crit), kanna's treasure (3% total damage), and the sylph ring. I can replace the pivotal adventurer ring with phantoms link skill, so that's the first ring I will replace. As for my actual questions...

Should I go for a superior ring next, as it will have the biggest boost to my range? Or should I save money and buy a cheaper ring like a perfected solid ring?

Can a silver blossom ring replace a cracked gollux ring? it has the same base att and same slots, so chaosing it can make it better than a cracked gollux ring.

Should I save up and buy tyrant boots now, or wait till I get some better rings first?

I should add that I don't currently have a mule that has completed the gollux prequests. Buying the rings is just me being lazy, though I'm not sure what I was thinking. I will farm gollux on a mule or two for the rings

April 8, 2015

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@Ninja: Ok, I'll keep the pivotal ring for now. And when I mean perfected I was referring to the scrolling only. There is no way I will be able to afford a 12% luk sup ring anytime soon clean or not, but a solid ring is a different matter entirely. And thanks for pointing out the flaw of silver blossom rings, I was actually considering spending some money on a 9%luk blossom ring before I read this.

Reply April 8, 2015

Get free gollux stuff from daily easy/ normal gollux.

Save for tyrant boots.

Reply April 8, 2015

Depending on your crit rate, I'd probably replace Kanna's Treasure w/ the superior Gollux ring and work on that, maybe that's just me. Assuming you have the boulder to go w/ the ring, maybe use the boss accessory shoulder instead?

Reply April 8, 2015

If you can do gollux every day on all of your mules than buying rings is a waste. I personally would save your money for tyrant boots and grind till you can afford the rings with gollux coins, as well buy the advanced gollux scrolls everyday to perfect them. Also try having all the ring slots filled with gollux (cracked, solid, reinforced, and superior) as it gives you the biggest boost in range

This is just my opinion and what I'd do on my character.

Hope this helps

Reply April 8, 2015