P/c on some perm Nx in Windia

This is everything that I am willing to sell atm

Earmuffs and Pom Pom beanie
Starry Pink beanie
Flower Dance
Food Escape - x2
Moon and Sun cape
Rabbit-Bear Slippers
Amber Musical Note
Coin Sword
Hula Deather Decoration
Aerial Elven Spirit Band (Male)
Sapphire Musical Note
Blue Ribbon Hairband - x2
Prismatic Sun Cap
Blue Smieley Tee
Yellow Flower Headwrap - x2
Summer Hat
Lime Green Sun Cap
Sailor Hat
Twinkle Sparkle
Mermaid Shell

I also have a 25%boss neb that I will consider selling for the right price. Prices inflated during Marvel though, so not too sure what it is really worth

July 15, 2015

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[quote=GlitterPumas]everything is basically 100mil or less

What I thought lol but wanted to make sure before I gave something away for a fraction of its price

Reply July 15, 2015

[quote=GlitterPumas]everything is basically 100mil or less

This, some of the things on your list aren't even 50m

The nebulite is worth somewhere around 4-5b.

Reply July 15, 2015

everything is basically 100mil or less

Reply July 15, 2015