P/c 30 day cat soul weapon cover and Captain Finger chair?

Preferably Windia prices if possible. I checked a certain website, but it hasn't been updated in 30+ hours, so I don't know how accurate it is

April 13, 2015

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Yeah ive seen the perm lost kitty for 1.2 in khaini. And the wep cover doesnt sell all too high even when perm so i dont see the 30 day one selling all too high. I saw the locker chair selling for 50m. These are khaini prices so grain of salt but maybe its a starting points.

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[quote=damian2o9]primes are coming back this anni[/quote]

No, they aren't. And don't derail my thread

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primes are coming back this anni

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I had someone offer 2b on my perm Lost Kitty cape if that helps.
I haven't seen those items in the market at all.

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