Any NL clear dojo yet?

Yesterday was the first time I tried the dojo since the revamp, well really the first time I did the dojo ever since they went to only giving out 3 gloves per class months ago. Couldn't even kill Arkarium When I checked the rankings, there weren't any NL who had managed to clear the dojo. IDK if its just Windia, or I just checked too early in the week, but can any NL here still clear dojo, and if you can what are some tricks you have for the new dojo?

January 7, 2016

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@lecarde: when he does a circle bluish bubble thing is when he casts dr

Reply January 10, 2016

@ohjoseph thanks, I have one more question about Arkarium. I never fight him due to his stupid OHKO spammy attack, what are the signs that he is casting DR? I killed myself before I even noticed he was using a different animation

Reply January 8, 2016

i cleared at 10:58 last week. basically you hit 10% of your real damage so its pretty hard to achieve, well there are plenty of tips but they wont work if you dont hard hit, heal at stages 10 20 30 40 (or you can buy a potion pot for 1k nx to heal on every stage), pets with autobuffs, mpe speed potions, cast all ur buffs, summon soul

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