Empress Mights quest. Lunar Dews

Anyone actually complete this? I want vampire but this is the quest that starts it. Im lvl 202 I dont know if the drop rate will decrease due to my lvl. also if you did get any, what lvl were you? any drop multipliers, and how long did it take. Thanks in adv

January 19, 2014

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Took me around a month of playing during 2x (so 4 hours a weekend) to get all 20..I was on 2x with 2x drop card and drop rate pendant (20%).

Reply January 19, 2014

They are ridiculously rare, and your level doesn't affect quest item drops. I was one of the first to get my skill when that quest line first came out... don't remember what level I was. I tried all kinds of multipliers... from my experience, family drop worked best. Finding the dews doesn't even give you the skill, though, there are five more quests after with similarly rare drops- one or each level of the skill. Have fun.

Reply January 19, 2014

Quest items aren't affected by drop rate reduction due to level differences.
The items are extremely rare, found 1 on 1x drop once, after 1 hour or running around there, but I've been told this was extremely lucky, so take that as you want.

Reply January 19, 2014

Used 4x around a month ago to try to get them. No luck

Reply January 19, 2014