5th job bowmaster problem?

Am I the only one who thinks bm's will be severely outclassed for 5th job? Our 5th job skills are one of the shorter end of the straw and the main problem lies with hurricane. Split hurricane is like what? 235% damage?
Even with max enhancements on hurricane, platter, and whatnot we'll only be at like 335% damage for split hurricane. As of right now, it probably takes like 25k dex, 250% boss and like 70% atk to cap on bosses (idk just an estimate) while most classes are capping at like 18k stats. With the removal of damage cap, some of us (i'm assuming the average damage is 25m / line on bosses) will barely hit previous cap of 50m. But idk, I could be completely wrong. I just feel like bm's will be one of the weakest classes after 5th job.

August 6, 2016

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@leopard16: "...but I definitely dont want to be the lowest damage dealing class."

Bishops. Paladins. Demon Avengers. Don't worry. You are not the lowest damage dealing class.

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I don't really care, BM's only ever get buffs, the dev team will notice the discrepancy of damage between jobs and realize that they need to buff hurricane and other stuff.

I'm just happy to have arrow rain back in some form. Bow Masters always have a habit of being buffed up to top 10 and then everyone else gets buffed and they fall down to the middle-low area. Just something you have to always anticipate.

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While it's true that we're very overpowered when capping, I don't think that our actual DPS is that bad to jump ship the moment the damage cap is lifted. (Please don't look to DPS charts...they're very inaccurate.) I kill Chaos Vellum in around 10-12 minutes with 14.6k DEX, 280% boss, and 93% ignore def, hitting around 20m lines. I'm fairly certain that's not bad DPS far as I know?

I think people are still stuck in the mindset of pre-Reboot balancing where the only way to be good as a BM was to cap, but that's not the case anymore (again, as far as I know).

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@xmaplelegend "this is why you dont choose a class based on damage. You will always be unhappy and constantly changing classes."

As someone who mained a Paladin when RED came out and through the nerf--THIS.
Seriously, went from top 3 or so to literally bottom 3 in terms of damage. Still fun to play though.

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@xmaplelegend: I didnt choose bm based on damage. They're actually quite weak when you start, and the fundings came much later. If bms were just not that great against most class, I wouldnt mind, but I definitely dont want to be the lowest damage dealing class. Damage is part of the 'fun equation'.

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this is why you dont choose a class based on damage. You will always be unhappy and constantly changing classes.

Just choose one based on the play style you like. All classes can be strong with funding.

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@risingrain: i was thinking the same thing which is why 5th job skills shocked me for bms. I'm pretty sure they'll be adding more skills but I need to know if it'll compensate our lack of dpm. Might need to switch to MM or another class entirely

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@skythedestroyer While what you're saying is true, BM's were really only overpowered before V because they could dish out a massive number of lines while the cap was still 50m. BM's have always scaled poorly with more funds compared to truly overpowered classes like Evan, Hero, F/P, etc.

As a result, after V + the removal of the damage cap they will fall behind the truly strong classes (in terms of skill %/s and DPM, not hits per second).

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@skythedestroyer: ah, that makes sense. But against other classes, how do you think we fair?

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It's +90% Final Damage at the maxed skill level, not +% Skill Damage.

For example, if you hit 40m with Hurricane now, you'll hit an additional 36m damage for a total of 76m per line. Final Damage has nothing to do with the actual Skill Damage %. Final Damage is the final multiplier, directly onto your lines (hence the name: Final Damage).

Enhancement Cores are practically the same for every class. Main attacking skills are enhanced with +90% Final Damage for most, if not all classes. So we're not any different from any other job's skill enhancements.

Our 5th job skill, Arrow Rain, activates our Magic Arrows, Armor Break, and Mortal Blow, making it very strong.

So no, we're not being shafted.

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