bm questions

1) What is the starting amount of %min crit on a bm?
2) What is the starting amount of %stat resist on a bm?
3) Do bms need %min crit? I.e. should I replace my 10% min crit slyph ring with a 21% dex cracked ring?
4) What is a good inner I should look out for (legendary)?
5) This goes back to question 3; what pot and stars will a tyrant glove need to surpass top 3 / #1 job dojo gloves?
6) How much do you hit per line on hurricane on cra (not vel)? Post your range, %stat, %boss, %pdr and %atk.

November 16, 2015

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Bow Master gets a passive that gives you status resistance while attacking so their status resistance varies from 20% base to 120% total.

You probably won't need minimum critical damage but if you get it thats fine. You should look to cap your critical rate to 100% before worrying about your crit damage.

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@torque lol'd irl omg

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@jenno: yeah it does, thanks. 8m range, you're a beast lol

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@leopard16 coming from an ex-bm:
1)35% iirc, with no char cards
2)low i think, but they have a skill that boosts your status resistance +100% until you're inflicted with one, then there's a cooldown
3)ofc they do, every class would benefit from it
4)buff duration and boss would be best
5)any combination of %dex or %min/maxcrit would be best on tyrant gloves, and about 7-10 stars to be better than dojo gloves
6)iirc, i was doing 30-35m lines with split hurricane with 230% boss, 96% pdr, 104% attack, and around 550-600% dex? guessing range was ~8m, all tyrants were 13 starred

hope this helps/answers your questions somewhat c:

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