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Ankles healing during ball i was playing ball 2 days ago. i jumped and landed on my left foot while it was everted, and had a ankle sprain as a result. I immediately couldnt bend my knees by lowering myself, or land after a jump. When I got home, i iced it for like 20 mins, then i kinda left it on it overnight while it was elevated on a pillow. The next day was pretty much the same pain, no real progression on the healing. But today, it got better; however i couldnt lower myself (when you shoot a ball). I had to cancel on my friends because of this, but they showed up at my house anyway lol, so what the hell, i went. During the games, i played like i normally did (jump blocks, layups, jump shots, crossovers) and i did not feel any pain. My

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chemistry and graphing calculator Can someone tell me why I can't use a graphing calculator on my chemistry tests/quizzes? My chem teacher had to make me put it away when I was doing a mini quiz on scientific notation and sig. digs... And now today, while doing inclass homework, she reminded me not to use it during out next test. I don't get it, what can I possibly do with a graphing calculator that she would not allow me to use it. I personally only use it since it can do multiple equations and it makes calculating moles/mass so much easier. I paid like $150 for this and I can't use it :~( (gr.11 chem btw)

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Help Me Basil So I was at a coffee shop and this hot girl came up to me and started talking. The conversation went from how old are you to hobbies to computers to games. Turns out she plays Maplestory so I told her, so do I! And turns out she's in Scania and I asked her for her IGN. When she told me, I was completely shocked. This hot girl was the same girl that ksed me, defamed me, attempt to d/c hack me pre-bb. She literally hated me. I did not tell her my IGN yet. She's good looking but she hates me in Maple. She also asked me to hang out with her tomorrow at noon. .... What should I do..? Should I tell her the truth about me in Maple or should I bs and make a new character and say it's mine?

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