leopard16 #General Talk


How to find email I forgot my log in info. I remember the ID, but forgot the password and I don't want to lock the account so I need my e-mail which I forgot. Does anyone know how to reclaim my email address? If they didnt change the ID system, I could of gotten it matter of mins but now when you click "forgot id" it will say "log in your email" I know I could send a ticket to nexon about this but it'll take about 3-4 weeks before they respond and I don't remember some stuff they might ask like "name 1 of your character"


what link to delete I want angelics link skill so I can hopefully 1hit all zaks arms (or most of them) so, should I delete my demonslayer (lvl 34) to make an angelic buster? I have like 66% boss atm, prob 100+ in the future. I already got the other useful links (lumi,kaiser,cannon,merc,da,kanna,phant) im a 180 bish, solo zak in 1.20 mins, my goal is to 1hit the arms with my hyper, about 1.2-1.4m per hit (8). I think the 50% 10 sec boost will be of more use than 10% passive. offtopic but uh, does anyone know the 3 cygnus' link skill? planning on deleting lvl 50 mihile for link + cygnus buff

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