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Fire Poison vs. Bishops I was debating whether to stay as a bishop or convert into a fire poison (no pun intended). Here's what I want to do with my life: Get to 222 (currently 217) Do a lot of bossing Do great damage Have fun So far, bishops are great at training, leeching is nice but I can 2 hit SDH mobs, so damage isn't much a problem. I do a little bit of bossing, but only stuff like magnus and gollux (normal and hard, respectively), will go on CRA and other strong bosses with guild later on when I feel confortable. I feel limited as a bishop because of the no elemental decrease thing and almost every boss is holy resistant -__-. I do okay damage if I do say so myself, I would do 3m per line (4 lines) with angel ray, 6m during prime w/