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My parents They don't want me to vape because they don't know anything about it and think that it's basically smoking cigarettes. I told them that it's not actual smoke, it's water vapor. They also think that I'm wasting my money on this stuff, but I mean at least I'm not wasting my money on more NX. They're very conservative and vaping is an interest/hobby/passion of mine, so wot do. My e-juices all have 0-3 mg of nicotine, as opposed to most people who use use 12 mg or higher. Yes am very much into vaping.

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Wild Hunter and Chaos Pierre Hi all. I'm having trouble solo'ing Chaos Pierre on my Wild Hunter. I do enough damage to finish it, but I think my main problem is whether I should mount, unmount, or take my jaguar out completely. When unmounted, the jaguar's auto attack heals Pierre while I'm wearing the same hat. When mounted, the main attack hits multiple enemies so I hit both colors during the split - basically healing one and doing damage to the other. When I get out from being trapped under a purple hat, I am automatically mounted for some reason. I can't seem to find any walkthroughs or videos on a WH doing this boss. Got any tips or tricks, or your way of doing C Pierre? Anything is appreciated. :)


Update with that Miracle Time Glitch [url=]The problem here.[/url] I sent Nexon an email regarding the issue and here is what I got back: "Thank you for contacting Nexon America Customer Support. I am very sorry to hear of your recent disappointment in the Miracle Time. I have reviewed the information you have provided and please know that the notifications you receive means you get the miracle time buff and not a tier up on the potential. This buff will allow everyone in the map to receive Weapon Attack +30 and Magic Attack +30 for 15 minutes. You were granted this buff for participating in the event. I apologize for the confusion that this was not a potential tier up and I will not be able to p

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