General Art

taking one request ended up picking two people, so hopefully i'll be done with them by tonight or something finished first one: finished second: [b]done! not taking anymore[/b] Because I'm incredibly bored and very unwilling to do anything I'm supposed to be doing, I will be drawing one person's character! Uhm... Criteria for being picked-- I must be able to see your eyes and hair. If you've got something covering them (a mask or animal hat, for example), you have to tell me what hairstyle you have (and hopefully I'll know what it is). Basically, if you've got one of those headblocking hats, I won't be drawing it. And also, give me ideas because I don't want to have to think (if you don't comment with some sort of idea, I probably won't pic

General Warrior

Von Leon max spawns On Sunday, I was able to solo Von Leon on my DrK for the first time. I wasn't able to make the spawn maxed, so there were always 3-4 mini golems running around and getting eaten. Fortunately, my DrK is strong enough to do a bit more than the golems ended up healing. Today, I tried to solo it again, because I really want the overall. I still couldn't get the spawn to max, and Sacrifice kept locking onto the rhinos instead of VL, so I ended up failing. Afterwards, I tried to solo it on my pally, but again, the spawn wouldn't max. I always end up with 3-4 mini golems running around, and my pally isn't quite strong enough to overcome the damage that gets healed by the golems. I don't know why the rhino spawn stops just befor

General Fashion

wrong surprise style boxes? Yesterday, I saw someone get a perma transparent face accessory from the surprise style boxes. I thought, oh maybe they included that in this round's list of available NX. But today I saw someone get one of those Red Viva Baseball shirts (that's what they're called, I think?) and Honeybee Antennae. Those are from last round's prizes. I can't recall if I've seen anyone get this round's prizes after the latest patch, but now I'm annoyed. I wanted to try a round of boxes, but I don't want the clothes from last round. Does anyone know if those "so-and-so has received [item] from surprise style box" smegas are just typo'd? Or has the list of prizes actually reverted to last round's instead of staying on this

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