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v166 Kanna change notes summary The update notes do not cover all the changes that were made in this update. This however, will try to. [b]1st job[/b] -[b]Ether Pulse[/b]: Skill delay reduced. (kind of buggy and clunky though) -[b](New Skill) Haku's Gift[/b]: (Passive) +5 speed [b]2nd job[/b] -[b]Burning Shikigami Haunting[/b]: Now a Passive Skill -[b]Nimbus Curse[/b]: cooldown changed from 60sec -> 50sec [b]3rd job[/b] -[b]Tengu Strike[/b]: 20mana -> 15mana -[b]Frozen Shikigami Haunting[/b]: Now a Passive Skill -[b]Lifeblood Ritual[/b]: In addition to its old function, it heals 1% maxHP with a cd of 4sec on bosses. -[b](New Skill) Mana Balance[/b]: Active skill that converts 30%hp to 30 Mana, 5 sec cd. [b]4th job[/b] -[b]Mighty Shiki

General Kanna

Kanna Damage Calc [url=http://mskannas.tumblr.com/KannaDamageCalc]Damage Calc[/url] This is far from finished, but it's functional for the moment, and looking for some feedback So what is great about this calculator? How is it different from my past calculators? -Can quickly determine range and boss range (even if well over 2m~2m clean). Most stats are gathered from stat window, or other places. Only real work is adding up your %total damage and observe Nimbus Curse DoT damage. -Damage Outputs. You can see the average damage you can inflict on a monster. -Uses Nimbus Curse DoT to find the bulk of stats for calculations, rather than using hyperbody ratios and raw stats (might add option to input stats later). -Damage outputs can be compared,

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Launching Maple from chrome may break for good soon As many of you know, the play button to start maple broke not too long ago. Just recently, nexon released their [url=http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/news/current/00ISB/google-chrome-web-launch-issue#]fix[/url] to get it working again. You might notice you have to re-enable something called "NPAPI". [url=https://threatpost.com/google-shuts-off-npapi-in-chrome/112295]Google shuts off NPAPI in Chrome[/url] " 'We will provide an override for advanced users (via chrome://flags/#enable-npapi) and enterprises (via Enterprise Policy) to temporarily re-enable NPAPI (via the page action UI) while they wait for mission-critical plugins to make the transition. In addition, setting any

General Kanna

Kanna Range Calculations I know you were interested in this in the other thread Here's my [url=http://mskannas.tumblr.com/2mRangeCalc]2m+ range calculator[/url] that calculates based on manually calculating haku's blessing. It's pretty quick and accurate at calculating your range over 2m if you don't have a range above 2m without haku's blessing. I made a more [url=http://mskannas.tumblr.com/KannaCalc]general range calculator[/url] that takes a lot more information and it tells you a bit more as well (such as range with boss damage included). It isn't perfect or tested that well yet. Feedback is appreciated ^^ Edit: Also discovered an oddity in Kasen when testing this. Kasen apparently gives 60% damage @ level 30, not 30% as it says on the

General Kanna

Worthwhile Inner Abilities? Here is a [url=http://strategywiki.org/wiki/MapleStory/Inner_Ability]list[/url] of currently available inner abilities. I personally had 15% crit rate for a very long time, but recently decided to change it to get it to legendary. Once it was legendary I tried a few times and got "Passive skill level increase" which acts kind of like decent combat orders in that it increases skill level beyond the max, but only for passive skills. I find it to be incredibly useful, since it applies to the 3 buffs haku casts on you, kasen, and monkey spirits. It stacks with decent CO too. There are a lot of other notable inner abilities, but I was curious what you other kannas settled with, or are trying to get. What inn

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Princess Nos Floral Fan As most of you probably know, all jobs have a chance to get new secondary equips from the new Hieizan Temple. Surprisingly, Kanna does too, but its a fan that supposedly only haku can equip according to patch notes. There's no indicator of it giving any stats either, which seems pretty odd to me. Does anyone know if there's more to this? Dual Blades, the only other job who equips 2 weapons, apparently got a katara with a reasonable amount of weapon attack so it seems a bit weird.

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Skill Skins and A possible new Skill This has been on some other forums, and I pulled the skins from [url=http://uni-wz.com]uni's blog[/url]. [url=http://i.imgur.com/POxTiT5.png]Skill Skins[/url] [url=http://i.gyazo.com/0dfdde0bfdbc2c794d7392501b82ff88.gif]Possible New Kanna Skill?[/url] No news as to when we'll get these, if we ever get them. Kanna skill looks like some kind of mob skill, which would be kind of nice for 4th job since we don't get any great mobbing skills that don't have a cd. Thoughts?

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