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what did you do today? this lovely sunday? sunday imo is the greatest day of the week, what did you do today? heres what I did today: 6:30 am: wake up (im an early bird)...played maple for a bit (farmed leaves, did dojo, few boss runs) 8:00 breakfast which consisted of ezekiel toast and yogurt +banana and ofc coffee. 8:30 browsed on my phone for a good hour or so (its amazing how easy it is to waste time) 9:30 played catch w/ my bro 10:00 went for a walk 11:00 had my usual big salad for lunch 11:30 watched tv news + mansbridge 101 1:00 one of my rare nostalgic walks where I think about my past (childhood, old maple times, old friendships) which inevitably leads to me thinking about my future. 2:30 (ish idk at this point I have no idea what

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maximum volume question math A shadow box is a type of picture frame that allows you to put your treasures on display. It is an open box with a glass lid that can stand on a table or be hung from a wall. Determine the maximum volume a shadow box can have if it is to be made from a rectangular piece of cardboard with dimensions 22 inches by 16 inches. really confused on how to start this question, im assuming I need to use the formula V=WxHxL but inorder to do that I would need a third measurement any help is appreciated, Im not asking you to do this question for me just asking what I need to do inorder to solve. THANKS!

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at what age would you be satisfied with the length of your life there was a thread like this little while back, but the question im asking is specifically at what age would you be satisfied with your life? for example, my "goal" is to make it to 75, I mean there are so many things that might kill me like disease, war, climate change etc. I might just be happy making it to 50, cause by that age id feel like my best years are behind me and i just dont care anymore. idk discuss if you want or go play maple or something jeez dont let me tell you what to do


post bb maple nostalgia now we all know about maple and its crazy nostalgic memories of pre big bang, but does anyone ever feel nostalgic about parts of post big bang maple? like for example, if I were to go to LHC, it would bring back memories of me party training there.. when I rejoined in 2013, I had an absolute blast playing with a few inrl friends, those are some good memories for me and they only happened a few years ago. I even sometimes get nostalgic about evolution lab when I think about the countless hours I spent in there farming 9th anni leaves :O whaddya say basil?

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