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Equips i should use to increase my dmg Well after a long time finally i have some time to spend in my drk so here is the question I have lv 100 equips, all with 10-13% str after RA set and SW i was asking for bonuses set and ppl say i should use SW But... Other ppl say i should mix both sets wich mean - Helm + top + Bottom Root Abyss - Gloves + shoes + cape + weapon SW What about using Tyrant capes, belt and those stuff? if i mix both sets i can't get 30% dmg boss from any of 2 ... So.... All it mean is All stats + WA ? I need help here :( I want to increase my dmg ... I have arround 2b now ...

General Updates

I have 1 problem Yesterday i was playing but i notice that i have a serious lag so i decide to close the game, i reset my computer, router etc... Once i did, i open the launcher and when i type my ID and pass when i press the login buttom the screen get frozen and after that appear this message and when i try to open the website i can't even load the page... (happen for chrome, firefox and IE) and i dont know what to do now... I check my Ping and internet speed and everything it's okay.... If someone could help me i would appreciate :~( PD: Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish o.o

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