I'm in the abyss

Hey all. Ok, so I'm a level 181 buccaneer in Bera. My main, that I put countless hours into and I'm very proud of (buccs4life, js) anyways, I haven't played maple in about 2 years, I apparently sold all my godly equips I was using before I stopped playing to fund a stupid shadowower (never should have wasted my time on that) so long story short Im lvl 181, have no equips, and have about 3m to my name.
Anybody have any advice of what I can do to get back into the swing of things? I've been gone so long I honestly have no idea where to even start I feel totally helpless lol. And I do not want to start a new character. I want to play my bucc. Unfortunately I need gear, which requires mesos, which requires gear, n so on n so on. Somebody give me some sort of advice of how to get out of this hole please! 🤕 I just want to maple again.

January 22, 2018