On June 26th, Nexon Korea showcased the latest summer 2016 content update to a small group of people. It's no surprise that they revealed 5th job! The update is called "MapleStory V," and will be separated into four content updates. June 30th: TAKE V -- Get rewarded with your character! July 14th: 5th Job -- The thrill of the 5th Job will wake you up! July 28th: Jou Jou Island -- Speckled! Upside-down! Drift into the new world! August 18th: Lucid -- She puts the whole world into a nightmare when she comes!


Incoming Masteria Update? A couple of days ago, KThxBaiNao posted a contest on the forums with two intriguing images, asking us to create a story. He said these two images are from a future patch. Interesting choices for images, right? I thought to myself, the second one looks kind of like it would fit in Masteria? But I took that with a bucket of salt, because Nexon has long ignored Masteria and it has never received a proper, well-deserving update in about 7 years. I posted my thought on Southperry. Some agree that it might be Masteria, some were intrigued by the images. Some suggested it might be a part of Heaven Empire, part of Dawnveil/Commerci. I admittedly am not aware of much of the Dawnveil story/continent so I don't have any input

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