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Rest in Peace quotRate The Person's Look Above Youquot And also RIP this forum in general. Came back for my once a year visit to Basilmarket and I'm pretty sad to see the thread has been locked from inactivity. I had a lot of great memories here from years back -- before Royal coupons were a regular cash shop item, when FC elitists would tell you your avatar was henehoe trash and rate you 1/10 if you used the Strong Stare or Angel Glow eyes. Feel free to share your memories of FC. Or rate the person above you. Or anything fashion related, it doesn't seem like anyone's done anything here but ask for price checks in a long time. If any of the old regulars are reading this, I miss y'all :> u lookin' fresh af, when did you grow out your hair? 8

General Fashion

Bannedstory is so useless If you haven't tried the new web version: There's no search button, no separation for gender, no class separation for items. There appears to be no organization to the items either, not release date (I stand corrected, it's mostly release date with random items in the wrong place), not required level, not alphabetical, not color coded or thematic. NOTHING. Who designed this program and why did they think this was a good idea? >:( I had to squint at tiny thumbnails for like 10 minutes to find the correct hairstyle to update my Basil avatar. EDIT: this simulator below is probably the best one currently available (although imo it's still not good) Thanks for this! Click the "" at the bottom. After extracting

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Is there a way to block Skype calls from a group? There's a Skype group that I'm in where I will occasionally read or write chat messages. I have the notifications muted unless someone says my name. However, they have calls several times a day and it's really annoying having the call pop up on my screen because I'm never interested in them. If I put my status to "do not disturb" I end up missing other people's calls that I actually wanted... is there anything I can do or should I just leave the group?

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