Marksman end game bossing.

So I'm getting to the point where I can start doing some significant damage on a lot of these end game bosses, and still have a handful of things that still needs upgrades. I read this thread, but I still have some other questions about marksmen:

Currently, I hit around ~150m lines on physically resistant bosses (or more) with 243% boss, and 88% pdr. I wanted to know if my boss and pdr is sufficient for a lot of end game bosses.

I plan on adding a boss nebulite to my weapon and then resetting some of my hyper stats, so I can have around 255% boss (I like that number). I've read that 90% pdr is recommended, but marksman's Vital Hunter skill gives up 10%~50% pdr that doesn't show up on that stat window, so I'm usually sitting at 89%~94% PDR, depending on how far I am from the monster.

Another concern of mine is that marksman have low abnormal status resist. I'll be at 54% (with level 10 cygnus link and demon slayer card), and I still have another 9% to get from willpower putting me at 63%. My goal is to get to 70% (so that I'm at 100% with the potion) or 100%, and I was wondering if any other way to get more abnormal status resistance. I don't want to invest too many hyper points into it, but if I have to, I guess I will.

I'm fairly certain I can duo or trio a lot of bosses with some friends who have similar funding as I do, but I was wondering how much I would need to hit per snipe or the range/dex/pdr/boss required to solo the following:

- Empress. (With v2 summons. Will I be fine with ~85% status resist, or do I need 100%?).
- Hard Hilla. (With and without a bind mule).
- Hard Magnus. (Assuming I have a bind mule).
- Hell Gollux.
- Chaos Queen. (Will I be fine with ~85% status resist, or do I need 100%?).
- Chaos Pierre. (I can solo him with the right RNG, but I mean consistently).
- Chaos Von Bon.
- Chaos Vellum. (I'll never be able to solo him, but might as well put him on the list).

I also don't have decent SI or +1 Attack Speed IA. Are those needed?
Side note, my min/max crit is 82%/123%, so my damage is fairly stable compared to some other marksmen.

December 27, 2015

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SI and attack speed inner are definitely beneficial for MM. Huge speed boost. I have both and I was barely able to kill cvell when capping, so I'd imagine it'd be quite a bit harder without it

Reply December 28, 2015