Combo while attacking

How can people use mir combo's while still attacking with mana burst (i think that's the skill name) everytime i try combo while attacking i stop and i lose extra damage that could have been done.

January 3, 2017

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^pretty much what the above said

Practice makes perfect above all, good luck

Reply January 10, 2017

@gakinotsukai: Me too. After using 2 keys for fusion skills I press the button for mana burst. It'd be nice if they give us something like wild hunter since our dps is slowing down from time to time since the last revamp -.-

Reply January 9, 2017

I've never held the key for mana burst. It's more like in between skills I'm using mana burst.

Reply January 5, 2017

@mattar36: You have to re-press the mana burst key after the fusion skill has begun.

Reply January 5, 2017

@nitsua2789: i try be quick but do i like hold my finger on mana burst while spamming the combo's? Or how do u cast your skills?

Reply January 4, 2017

I think there are more factors in it. For example, if the server is laggy then I'll probably have to press a key twice or so. Another factor might be that you have to have more attack speed. Every time I use a green MPE potion, the transition from skills are smoother compared when I don't use it. And lastly, make sure to look for the skill's cooldown before using it. I use Earth Dive and Thunder Flash frequently, and sometimes it doesn't work because one of them is still in cooldown(and yeah also be quick sometimes, it compensates for a strong class - but not now so much -.- wish they put their skills on a separate skill in the future so we only have to press one key hue hue ). But not as bad as when I play a blaze wizard, or gosh it has to be the worst class for me or to stay in Nexon's office to play lol ...

Reply January 4, 2017