Bossing Fundamentals?

What skills do you all typically use when fighting bosses? I've been trying to figure out some methods to use against bosses like Chaos Vellum, but I think I keep getting too caught up in trying to keep everything active (Both broadsides and the octo cannon in particular). Is there any advice that any of you can give in regards to good bossing fundamentals for Corsairs?

December 14, 2016

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Yeah its a little weird..I wish our Broadside summon would flip to match where the boss/mobs are like Octo.. Also Make sure you always use Nautilus strike/have it on cooldown, as it not only cuts the cooldown on some important skills upon use, but while on cooldown it gives a nice 30% boost to majestic presence.

For me Usually I set up our 2 summons. Hit the boss with out parrotargetting, then Rapid fire>Headshot>Nautilus strike/Nuke Whichever comes out of cool down first. CVELL before he goes down, if you time it right you can Nuke and headshot him, dealing that extra bit. BUt usually its that cycle.

Reply December 14, 2016

Rapid fire mostly.
Just as vellum goes to hide underground, I'd use headshot, ugly bomb or nautilus strike (whichever is available) so I can maximise the amount of hits I can do on it.
I try to keep the summons active too, but sometimes it's just too much and I end up forgetting about them (which is the reason why I stopped playing them since without it they lose a lot of potential damage).

That's the best advice I can give. I'm probably not a good example though since I've only played one 'til about 180 and never really funded it.

Reply December 14, 2016