Any Beginners in Bello/Nova?

Looking to recruit for my all-beginner guild named 'Beginner'. Post IGNs here!
Would ultimately build a Beginners community within the dead server of Bellocan and Nova.



October 8, 2013

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Come on, Spanish! We need you down here.

Reply October 8, 2013

Im in Bera psht

Reply October 8, 2013

It is a challenge, and fortunately something I take great pride in. Leveling is very slow, but as it's post BB, the main way to level is PQ's. It was all gravy at 110+, but it appears we got shafted. Hopefully leveling will become easier once again when Nexon releases party-leveling places again.

Reply October 8, 2013

I have a question, How do you level up efficiently as a beginner, because I would love to try the challenge and join you

Reply October 8, 2013