Collectable Sale in Bellocan/Nova

Hey everyone,

Just letting you all know I'm having a Collectables sale for money in Bellocan/Nova. If interested post here or PM me.


December 4, 2013

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Responded to your PM!

Reply December 9, 2013

Hey man! I'm in Bellocan - Nova~

Interested in your White Pilfer, Scuba Diving thing, The Hand o.0, one of the Dana's, WHite maple flag, Flaming Katana, GEn Dana, ~~~ LMK

Reply December 4, 2013

what daggars u gat

Reply December 4, 2013

It is unfortunate, halfway, but remember - there will likely be another world transfer one day

Reply December 4, 2013

wow you got the stone shield <3

@halway I heard that there's gonna be a world transfer event like next month or so. Not sure if it is true

Reply December 4, 2013 - edited

Far from worthless, it actually depends on who you are which is why they are called "collectables"
Anyway good items, I envy you and it's unfortunate I do not play on either world.

Reply December 4, 2013 - edited