Question About Link-Skills

Hey everyone,

I've returned a few months ago and am still unaware of some of the terminology. When someone says "I'll play Kanna for the Link skill then leave"... What does that mean?



February 28, 2013

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@BigKid Just get to lvl 100 and it'll level up by itself.

@mrcolorado Don't be mean.. Pay a little more and get it to 100

Reply March 3, 2013

[quote=BigKid]So how do u level the skill up to lvl 2?[/quote]

if you want skill lv2 = reach lv100!

Reply March 3, 2013

kanna is like a prostitute you pay for a little action to get to 70 and transfer the link skill and then you dump it

Reply February 28, 2013

They will lvl up their Kanna to get this thing called a Link Skill which is a passive and useful skill that can be linked onto the character of your choice
Like your main

Reply February 28, 2013