Flaming Katana Quest

Hey everyone,

I've gathered all the materials to make a Flaming Katana. All Undine's Clothes and all six Erasers. The quest isn't appearing at the sword. Are there two types of Erasers, meaning some of the ones I have are no good?


March 7, 2013

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Juho posted it. Scrore.

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Quest is still available.

Not my video, however, this was posted yesterday.

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u just need ingredients and u can go to that sword and u get a quest i think?

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Correct, you do not need a Fire Raccoon.
To initiate the quest, you must have an Undine's Cloth, and the following Lv180 erasers: Mushmom, Lupin, Stump, Octopus, Wraith, and Slime.

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[quote=DahliaDuh]@xkillo32: Yes they still come out of the Gachapon[/quote]

So, all raccoon ones are fake. That means you have to have 5 real ones with 1 fake? My mushrooms are fake as well I think. All the others say lvl 180 etc..

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