MapleStory and SOPA

Just curious... If this ridiculous SOPA law is actually adopted... What will happend to you American players?

To you who don't know what SOPA is, it is Stop Online Piracy Act. It's basically about internet censorship, and they will block sites (and games?) that allows free speech, like twitter, facebook, youtube..

November 25, 2011

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[quote=gatlingbow]Ummm Lol dude, They don't block things that allow free speech because that goes against Americans base laws. Learn more b4. Also It's not like GMS's Server are hosted outside of the U.S of A there in California taking constant naps (Crashing). Maybe if maplestory decided to play lady gaga and justin beiber , They could get sued but 1. Who would play a game with the Biebs in it. 2. Whos that dumb?[/quote]

I am from europe, and they don't write anything about SOPA in the newspapers here. I just wrote what I've been told.

Reply November 25, 2011