JMS Zipangu/Mushroom Shrine revamp

Japan MapleStory Original Content! The revamped Zipangu Mushroom Shrine which utilizes new 2D skeleton animation system Players Lv. 100 and above, Zero must complete Chapter 2 can proceed with the quest to help save the shrine sister.

Is that the new Black Crow?

February 17, 2016

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@sirkibble: You're right. It would make more sense for Nexon America to instead attempt a revamp of Masteria.
I would've thought of that myself but I generally forget that Masteria even exist anymore after they messed it up with that whole "alien invasion" nonsense.
Also, I really miss seeing Mateons, Grays, and the Mesorangers in this game, all the reason more why I'd rather see them work on the Omega Sector than Masteria.

Reply February 24, 2016

The crow boss battle reminds me of Ori and the blind forest...

Reply February 18, 2016

Darn, now I wish I main a Kanna instead but Haku is way too useless (and gay) to be used as a combat shikigami.

Reply February 18, 2016

Yes, this means I've got more quests to do, and possibly more medals to obtain!

Reply February 18, 2016

god this bgm is fookin awesome

Reply February 18, 2016

Oh wow... Amazing... =D

Now JMS just needs to finalise Ayame. I want a flowery gun sniper class so much. T_T

Reply February 18, 2016

jms sure gets a lot of cool stuff :'^( wish gms would do the same

Reply February 18, 2016

Looks nice and its an actual crow now. TO me the most appealing boss / boss fight in maplestory. JMS pulls one off again !

Reply February 17, 2016

Black Crow is actually a crow. OP. lol

Reply February 17, 2016

@grawp77: REQ LEV: 150
Equipment classification : cloak
STR + 25
DEX + 25
INT + 25
LUK + 25
ATK +8
Magic +8
Physical Defense 190
Magic defense 190
Movement speed +10
Jumping ability +6
Wear level decrease : -50
Upgrade the number of times : 7
It can not be replaced
Specific items
[Character level by the ability value added (up to 150Lv)]
- ATK : + 0.7 Ã-- ( character level of - 100 )
- Magic : + 0.7 Ã-- ( character level of - 100 )

Not sure what to say about stats, but it sure looks cool. Gonna be one of those must anvil items xD

Reply February 17, 2016

Oooh! That looks good!
Giant demon crow definitely looks a lot better than giant bear covered in brambles.

So, KMS takes the forgotten old area of KFT and revives it with new content and gives it the flashy new "2D skeleton animation system" treatment.

Now, JMS takes the forgotten old area of Zipangu's Mushroom Shrine and revives it with new content and gives it the flashy new "2D skeleton animation system" treatment.

Well, GMS... looks like it's your turn now. XD
How about Omega Sector? It definitely fits the requirement of "forgotten old area in need of renewal."
Of course, I'm just kidding. I'd be damned surprised if the folks at GMS could pump out their own revamped area using the 2D skeleton animation system.

Reply February 17, 2016

LF>this in GMS

Reply February 17, 2016

Nice Ill tell howie and steve

Reply February 17, 2016

im loving this new skeleton system bc its making it so you can solo bosses but instead need a group of people to work together to kill them

Reply February 17, 2016

The boss drops a cool lvl 150 black wings cape

Reply February 17, 2016

This looks awesome.

Reply February 17, 2016