Second 5th Job Skills So it appears that second 5th job skills are out in KMST! Most of the new skills seem to be mob-oriented. I'm sure there will be a translated version available in orangemushroom soon, but to people who can read Korean here you go: SKILL DESCRIPTIONS (warriors) (f/p arch mage) (i/l arch mage) (bishop) (evan) (battle mage) (kinesis) (bowmaster) (marksman) (wind archer) (mercedes) (wild hunter) (thief common) (night lord) (dual blade) (night walker) (xenon) (thunder breaker) (mechanic) (shade) (angelic buster) (cygnus common) VIDEOS (hero) (dark knight) (dawn warrior) (demon avenger) (kaiser) (zero) (blaster) www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMeyY80oPl0 (mihile) www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rUKRQvzd0Y (demon slayer) (aran) (wind arche


SCAM WARNING PLAYERS OF ALL WORLDS TAKE CAUTION: There is currently a scam involved in Scania, where a scammer would create a character with similar IGN as some of the reputable players in-game. This can be simply done by exchanging L's and I's in some of the players' IGNs. These scammers would whisp the seller by saying that they are interested in purchasing the item being sold and tells them that they would need to login to their mule / another char. The seller would then "go first" in a transaction since they believe these scammers posing as some of the reputable players are well vouched. This scam can be easily avoided if you simply chat or meet up the buyer in the same map on their MAIN character before they decide to log onto another

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