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All my characters are gone after a long break

Hey guys,
Today I redownloaded MS after a year, maybe a year and a half break. Login etc and I find all my characters gone...I thought I was hacked and my characters were deleted but I still can find it on the rankings. So basically my question is firstly, are my characters gone (deleted/removed)? If not, how do I get them back?

EDIT: I only have one account. I had characters on both Windia and Reboot, the characters on both worlds are gone

EDIT2: Everything sorted after Nexon customer support!

July 16, 2017

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Wrong account or wrong server, especially if they're still on the rankings

Reply July 16, 2017

Possible Nexon goof-up.

Possible wrong account.

Reply July 16, 2017

nexon will often delete accs and ban ppl in an attempt to get ur money more
its very common , thats captilism to u

Reply July 16, 2017 - edited

Is it the same account?

Reply July 16, 2017 - edited

You look into the correct account or server.

Reply July 16, 2017 - edited