General Nightlord

Some Nl ideas So since we haven't officially had a mlc thread yet, maybe we can put together some ideas before our thread for mlc is released. what i want out of NL is mobility, I hate it when there are few platforms to jump on and it has to be taken one at a time while and up jump could easily do it. and if we dont get an up jump maybe a skill like kaiser's grapple but instead its the throwing start that we have equipped that is thrown up. and maybe a backstep since fatality does a decent job. I think damage wise we are fine, since our hyper is getting buffed. Feel free to share your ideas here too :D


Nw vs. Aran Hey there basilers, i was wondering which class to play for a main. I like both classes but i can't decide which one to play.Nw seem geared a lot towards bossing and we are still waiting for them to come out. Aran is amazing at mobbing but is decent at bossing. I have some stuff to sell which can get me up to almost 1 bil. So which class should i play in terms for having a good time with both bossing and mobbing.( the price for warrior stuff is one thing holding me back from entirely switching but i'm willing to deal with it.)

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