just an empress knights run

April 24, 2013

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if you're talking about the 668 heal that keeps popping up over my head that's from using command keys to attack, if you mean the fact i wasn't having pot cool down its because magic pot bypasses cool down for potting.

Reply April 26, 2013

why are you healing so much? is that a skill? or a char card or something?

Reply April 26, 2013

bout 300-350k + 70%

Reply April 25, 2013

Nice , may i ask how much boss % is needed to hit max with giga? + range o:

Reply April 25, 2013

We love you moe! <3

P.S u should stick your gauge below, like over the Channel button and just use Esc key

Reply April 25, 2013 - edited