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Hi all, hope you're well.

I keep thinking that Nexon will eventually get the player rankings back up, but it's been long enough that I think it's time for me to put up some info on the guideline I use to determine what player pics get ok'd / rejected.

Essentially, to keep the pics looking consistent, they need to be lined and centered both vertically and horizontally. This isn't a preference, it's just how Nexon does it so it's how I've done it.

Below are links to two images. The first shows my player pic centered properly. Note how the feet are standing on the line and the vertical line touches the edge of the eye. This isn't always the case as some shoes dip below the bottom line and obviously the sizes of eyes vary. But the majority of pics fit this axis. Pics must be 96x96, GIF and with no silly edits. The second image is provided to use as a template for lining up your pics. Obviously when you save you'll have to omit that layer. I personally use Paint (yes, really), it's free and works just fine.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

April 14, 2017

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My question is how to get updated character? And just use your horizontal/vertical lines?

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i've just given up on profile pictures ;_; i'm too lazy for anything

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Blaster job is still missing from the job selection thing when editing a player. My Blaster is still listed as a Citizen since that's their beginner job. Is this going to be added?

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@deeemon: your penguin is pure inspiration.

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Can you update the submission form to indicate .gif only? Currently, the submission guidelines are: "Limit: 96x96 GIF/PNG" - PNG are being rejected as I had mine bounced back, yet an identical version in GIF format was approved.

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@hualicious: I am not fully versed in all the NX/items, so sometimes they slip by. My main concern is that the pics aren't disruptive or distracting.
@deeemon: it was 9k, but I upped it to 20k just now. From experience I found it didn't go up higher than 9k, but things have quite possibly changed since that time.

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Huh? Silly peoples, prinnies are for entertainment, dood.

I also use paint dot net.

I has question about byte size limit. When I tried to upload a pic of my Kanna, it didn't work, there was an error or something. It was 18.4 KB. I had to change the bit depth from 32-bit to 8-bit which lowered the file size to 4.79 KB, and this time it worked. The color of pixel quality is a bit off, but I guess it's fine. So what is the byte(or KB) limit?

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@quasar: I don't mind the edits but it was funny to see them around being accepted. If I remember correctly I saw you had an edited red machine gun or something. I was like what kind of weapon is that? I have never seen it before. xD

Then I saw that guy with the penguin lmao.

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@hualicious: They aren't, most of these edits is not silly at all!

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@hualicious: I can only think of 1 person here who has a 'silly edit' but I won't say the ID because I don't want it to go away.

Also putting my link on how I submit avatars:

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'and with no silly edits.' xD
How come there are actually 'silly edits' being accepted?

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