Questions for interview with Nexon

Hi all! Having a good summer? It's pleasantly chilly here this week, a nice break from those hot summer days.

Aaanyway, as you all know, there's a new community captain at Nexon (@Arwoo). I thought it'd be fun to do an interview to see where MapleStory is headed and how some of the community issues will be addressed.

As passionate as some of you are, I know you must have various questions you'd love to get answered. Feel free to list those below and I'll do my best to compile them all and craft an informative interview.

Have fun, speak soon!

June 19, 2017

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"Should I finally let my character "mrbasil" reach 200?

Reply June 23, 2017

One of the reasons why CRA top/bottom is so prevalent in GMS' endgame gear is the fact that you get double tier 3 potentials/bonus potentials.

Are there any plans to give overalls double stats to compensate for this or are there going to be high end set gear which will use a top/bottom?

Since I couldn't think of anything else and there's a ben and Jerry's ice cream ad on my phone, what do you think Grendel's favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is?

Reply June 21, 2017

@deeemon: Dyes for equips too, like changing the hue or desaturate it and overlay it with a different color. I think that would be awesome.

also skill skins that take on a different theme, like [url=]mercedes[/url] has a vampire one, just ask EMS they had it.. had. (I can see this being a new thing, like damage skins)

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can i get another basilmarket balloon?

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@deeemon: just so I'm clear, you're asking if it will ever be possible to customize skills in some way?

@soundfix: good q's, ty.

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When will the player rankings be fixed?

Are the various classes ever going to get (individual) story continuations beyond level 120/100? Or in Shade's case, beyond level 85?

Each class had such a well thought out story, however most if not all were left half finished/completely unfinished beyond level 120. I really want to see a continuation for Xenon, the Demon etc. Individually and not as a part of any Maplestory blockbuster. It will really help with the immersiveness of roleplaying.

On that note, are there plans for future Maplestory Blockbusters, and if so when can we expect them?

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Are they ever going to make a skill skin color dye thing? I know there's some mix dye thing for hair, why not for skills too?
I just want some red skills, dood.

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