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Hey everyone, thank so much for your patience! It's been a long hard trek to get to this point! And there's still quite a bit to be done. Rest assured all of the data from the old site is still there, but not all of it may be coming back. I am doing my best as one person, while juggling life, to get things back up as best as I can. You should be able to post screens/videos again. You can always click on the paper airplane icon on the header (whether you're logged in or not) to email me directly with any questions / issues / feedback. Thank you, stay safe, enjoy the warm weather!

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its nice to see an old skool forum still around - hope it gets active again
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lipperman @mrbasil came back from the dead this year after ten years off xD - i/l bera main - legion and faster exp is interesting since i can try out a ton of diff classes easily. i used this forum a ton back in the day to buy/ sell gear!!
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mrbasil @lipperman wow, 10 years! Thought I was a lot at ~6. What brought you back?
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